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We are looking for businesses, like yours who need to reach and advertise to the all-important, but underserved military target audience, encompassing:

  • Active duty U.S. Military
  • Military Veterans
  • Military Spouses & Families

The military community loves to support businesses that support them, and they have the discretionary income to do so. Your business can greatly benefit from a partnership with us! We want to help you reach military families and make sure you’re seen as a military-friendly business.

OurMilitary.com has relieved a great amount of stress for military families, as it has all the resources they need in one location. From news stories that speak directly to them, to providing contact information for bases and resources across the country, to connecting military families with organizations that help them lead their best life. Its really been a game-changer! Not to mention, all the great businesses they are able to find that offer services and discounts to them as valued members of the military community.

Through OurMilitary.com’s parent company Valor Worldwide, we’re giving back fiscally to the military community, thanks in large part to our great business partners. With every single business that advertises with us, they are helping us realize our “Profit with a Purpose” business model, which helps us give back a portion of our revenue each quarter to non-profit organizations that directly serve Veterans, active-duty and their families.

OurMilitary.com is quickly becoming the number one trusted resource for military families, and we would like to bring your business on board as a partner. Let’s set up a 15-minute phone call where we can learn more about your business and its goals and answer any questions you may have about OurMilitary.com, Valor Worldwide, and the impact we are making on the military community.

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