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Military-Friendly Products By Pelican Protect All That You Value

Pelican protective cases are the most durable on the market.

When you’re shopping for new stuff, you tend to go with the brands you know and trust. You trust that the company is legitimate, professional, and makes quality products. For service members, veterans, and military spouses, it’s a plus if that company supports the military.

That’s where Pelican comes in. They don’t just make products for the everyday consumer. They make products for military personnel and first responders, and they’re the leading manufacturer of temperature-controlled cases in the world.

If you’re an adventurer — or simply enjoy hunting, fishing, skiing, traveling, photography, sports, or any kind of outdoor recreation — then Pelican™ products are made for you. They’re military tried and tested, built in the USA, and — most importantly — meant for someone who will take them places.


Pelican History

Pelican was founded in 1976 by Dave Parker and his wife Arline in their Torrance, California garage. An avid Scuba diver since age 11, Dave recognized the need for rugged flashlights and cases that wouldn’t leak or fail. So, he set out to build a better product than any other on the market. After years of hard work and sacrifice, Pelican Products became a reality with its first product patent, the Pelican Float™. The legendary SabreLite™ flashlight and Pelican Protector Case™ soon followed.

Pelican’s product line and company grew steadily over the years and, in 2004, the company was acquired by private equity firm Behrman Capital. Shortly thereafter, the company experienced an incredible growth trend under a new CEO, Lyndon Faulkner, who was appointed in 2006.

After a few years of ramping up the organization, 2008 was a banner year that saw Pelican Products execute an aggressive growth strategy highlighted by international expansion and acquisitions. This resulted in new sales offices and manufacturing facilities around the globe. 

While Pelican has always served groups such as military and first responders, 2012 saw the release of a wide range of consumer products imbued with the same tough-as-nails DNA as their commercial products.

In another move to diversify its products and services, Pelican also introduced a line of temperature-controlled transport cases. To further expand in this area, Pelican acquired the industry’s leading manufacturers of temperature-controlled shipping containers, Minnesota Thermal Science (United States in 2013) and Cool Logistics (United Kingdom in 2014). These two were then integrated to create Pelican BioThermal™, the largest temperature-controlled case manufacturer in the world.

Today, they’re focusing on multiple global markets, with a big push for products aimed at the everyday consumer, along with a new Pelican Air™ case line that’s engineered to be up to 40% lighter but just as tough.


Pelican Products

So what all does Pelican make?

Their most well-known products are their legendary protective cases — built to keep your essentials protected in any environment, no matter how harsh. They’re made to be mobile, organized, and practically indestructible. Tested in desert, ocean, mountain, and snow environments, they’re the first choice of fire safety, law enforcement, and military. They also come with Pelican’s lifetime guarantee of excellence — meaning that if they break, Pelican replaces them.

Pelican’s protective cases come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. You can buy them for specific purposes such as carrying a pistol or securing everyday items. And you won’t find better quality anywhere else.

Other products sold by Pelican include coolers, bottles, and tumblers that keep hot things hot and cold things cold for a very long time. Pelican also makes super-durable flashlights, headlamps, remote area lights, and travel bags. 

Click here to see the full range of what they offer.


Perfect for Every Adventurer

Most hardcore outdoorists are known for being rough on their stuff. They lose things, bang them up, and often need to replace items that have simply fallen apart. For those people, it’s better to invest in something that will last a lifetime. And not only do Pelican products last, but they’re sleek, easy-to-use, and military supported.

Pelican’s vision is “Protecting All That You Value.” With them, you can be as rough as you want without worrying about things falling apart. Learn more about Pelican here and consider making them one of the brands you trust with your adventures.

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