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Report Glossary

  • View

    A page load. A listing or other site page having been visited by someone is considered a view.

  • Unique View

    A page load by a physical individual. A person who has viewed a listing 10 times in a browsing session is only 1 unique view.

  • Time on page

    The average length of time users stay on a page.

  • Listing engagement

    A user clicked on one of the 5 buttons that exist above the map on a listing.

  • Unique listing engagement

    A single user can trigger a single unique event per unique button. A single unique view can trigger 5 unique engagements on a listing.

  • Impression

    A single load of a banner or video ad on a page. It may not be seen and it may not be unique.

  • Click

    A click of a banner or video ad

  • Conversion

    A click of an ad which results in a listing having been loaded.

  • CTR – Click-Through Rate

    The percentage of ad impressions that result in a click.

  • 3rd party

    Ad occurrences outside of

  • Retargeting

    Ads served to users that have visited our site, listings, or clicked an ad.

  • Google Analytics

    This is how we track user activity on our site’s pages and listings.

  • Facebook

    Contains data for facebook ads.

  • AppNexus

    Contains data for AppNexus ads.

  • No “x” data found

    Either no data exists or an error occurred retrieving data.

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