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South Texas Veterans Healthcare System

The South Texas Veterans Healthcare System (STVHCS) is affiliated with the federal Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) healthcare system. Offering a variety of health services for veterans in the South Texas region, many ex-service members receive benefits from the programs of their local VA.

Some of the more prominent services available at STVHCS include caregiver support, homeless veteran support, LGBT veteran care, and care for women veterans.

Caregiver Support

As anyone who’s cared for a veteran can attest, it’s not an easy job. Especially when it becomes hard to understand the things they may have seen or done in combat. Asking for support is something necessary for any veteran caregiver.

The STVHCS offers caregivers options when it comes to receiving help. From actual, physical assistance to emotional support when you might just need to talk. You might also qualify for a stipend if your issues are financial, comprehensive training to help find a job, and medical coverage if you’re not already part of an insurance plan.

Many VA programs understand the importance of helping caregivers since they truly give so much of themselves to our veterans.

Homeless Veteran Support

Unfortunately, a large portion of veterans find themselves homeless after attempting to return to civilian life. Whether they’re unable to find a job, their mental health is suffering as an effect of war, or they became physically disabled in combat adding to medical bills and fewer skills to capitalize on, it can be truly tough for veterans re-entering the workforce.

The STVHCS helps homeless veterans by offering support programs including housing solutions, employment assistance, healthcare services, justice and re-entry services, counseling for mental conditions or substance abuse, and preventative programs for veterans who might be at-risk for homelessness.

LGBT Veteran Care

The STVHCS is committed to providing quality care to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender veterans. By promoting the health, welfare, and dignity of LGBT veterans in a sensitive and accessible way, policies and practices have been put in place to ensure a welcoming, safe, and affirmative environment for anyone who needs health services.

The care needs of the LGBT community are unique and important which is why clinicians at the STVHCS are trained with these specific concerns in mind.

Returning Service Members

The term “returning service members” refers to our most recent veterans such as those returning from Afghanistan, Iraq, and other areas around the world in the fight against terrorism in missions including Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn.

With programs specifically curated for these returning service members, the STVHCS is committed to assisting these veterans. From welcome home events to cost-free medical services to transitional assistance, it’s important to help new veterans with a smooth return to civilian life.

Women Veterans

The contributions of women in the military are undeniable and it’s important to the STVHCS to include specialized healthcare services for women and their unique medical needs. Offering a full range of services from OBGYN care to reproductive healthcare like birth control and maternity care, women have wholly different, gender-specific needs when it comes to healthcare.

As an advocate for women, the STVHCS provides services unique to the problems they face, even including domestic abuse assistance, military sexual trauma counseling, and help with parenting concerns.

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