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Top 10 Deployment Books for Kids  

You know how sometimes it seems that no one gets it? As teenagers (and often as adults), we transfer our angst, frustration, happiness, and sadness through music. Sometimes, it’s better to just have someone else say it differently.

When it comes to deployment, it might be difficult to explain what is happening to your children. Tackling the subject are authors who have been there and have decided to approach the idea of deployment a little differently.


  1. Night Catch by Brenda Ehrmantraut

This beautiful and lyrical take on what it means to have dad away is a lovely story. Playing catch with the North Star will transform the way young kids handle a parent across the world. Buy it here.

2. My Dad’s Deployment: A deployment and reunion activity book for young children by Julia LaBelle.

This creative book packed with activities such as counting, mazes, dot-to-dot, and crafts is a unique way to get kids talking and learning about deployment. The topics of deployment and reunion can sometimes be difficult to understand and My Dad’s Deployment helps start the conversation. Buy it here.

3. A Paper Hug by Stephanie Skolmoski

What is the best way to say goodbye to someone? Sometimes it might just be as simple as a paper hug. Buy it here.

4. I Miss You! A Military Kid’s Book About Deployment by Beth Andrews

Designed for older children, this book dives into the challenging situations and feelings that might occur during a deployment. Give your kids the chance to express these feelings with the help of I Miss You! Buy it here.

5. Countdown ‘til Daddy Comes Home by Kristin Ayyar

This book is great for using either with deployment or simple business trips. Featuring a small boy waiting for dad to come home, he creates rituals to help the time fly by. Buy it here.

6. Daddy’s Boots by Sandra Miller Linhar.

Boots will always take Daddy where he needs to go but Daddy must explain why. This creative tale explains the importance of what a service member needs to do and why sometimes it can mean spending time away from the family. Buy it here.

7. Hero Mom by Melinda Hardin

She may not wear a cape but many moms out there are still saving the world in the military. Buy it here.

8. H is for Honor: A Military Family Alphabet by Devin Scillian

This book, written by a career officer, explores the many branches of the military and the reasons why things are the way they are in the service. Enjoy learning! Buy it here.

9. Dear Baby, I’m Watching Over You by Carol Casey

Packed with delightful pictures for our younger audience, Dear Baby helps explain why a parent or sibling is away for training or deployment. Great book for teaching about patriotism. Buy it here.

10. My Dad’s A Hero by Rebecca Christiansen

Using war as a backdrop can be a tough subject but it’s important to have the right approach as Christiansen has done. Diving into the proud emotions of having a hero in the family, this book eloquently deals with the hard subjects. Buy it here.

What are your favorite deployment books for kids? Post in the comments below!


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