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15 Truly Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

The truly superior ugly Christmas sweaters are the ones you make yourself.

The holiday season is a time for festive music, baked goods, eggnog, and yes — ugly Christmas sweaters. Now, owning an ugly Christmas sweater is as simple as walking into your nearest Target and choosing from their vast selection of ridiculous-looking holiday apparel. But if you want a truly ugly Christmas sweater, then you’re going to have to make one on your own. (Or, in this case, with a little help from us). 

There’s a certain nuance to ugly Christmas sweaters that you just can’t get through a store purchase. An overproduced print that thousands of other people own won’t make you stand out at your holiday party. So what will? 

Since there’s about a million ways you can go about making an ugly Christmas sweater, we’ve put together a list for inspiration. Hopefully it’ll get your creative juices flowing and make you excited for a trip to the crafts store. 

Here are 15 ugly Christmas sweater ideas for your consideration: 


Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

1. Use a stuffed animal

2. They say that”ugly” is in the eye of the beholder . . .

3. Ugly Christmas sweater ideas are all about great puns

4. This one will keep you warm

5. If you’re feeling clever . . .

6. This woman’s creativity knows no bounds

7. It’s the season of deer! Oh, I mean cheer!

8. Careful! This idea is NSFW-DR (Not Safe For Work – Drink Responsibly)

9. Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Theresa Fletcher/Pinterest.

10. For top-tier decorators only:

11. Ugly Christmas sweater ideas are meant to be over the top

12. You’ll need a lot of bows for this beauty

13. Ugly Christmas . . . skirt?

14. Light up the room with your ugly Christmas sweater ideas

15. Really, actually horrify people (or don’t. Yeah, please don’t)

We hope you were inspired by these 15 ugly Christmas sweater ideas! Now, go into the world, and create your own ugly Christmas sweater — with emphasis on the ugly!

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