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Veterans Day Meme: Showing Respect for Veterans in the 21st Century


Veterans Day is on November 11th and it’s the day that we Americans honor and celebrate our veterans. Not to be confused with Memorial Day, which falls in May and is meant to honor and remember fallen soldiers, Veterans Day is about those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces in any way and were discharged honorably.

Some great ways to spend Veterans Day include visiting a war memorial or war museum, getting dinner with the veteran in your immediate circle of family or friends, donating to a cause that supports veterans, or volunteering at your local VA.

However, these days, a lot of our lives are lived online. While we won’t speculate on whether that’s a good or bad thing, let’s just say we want to help you celebrate Veterans Day in your online life as well as out in the world.

We found some of the funniest Veterans Day memes that you can use on November 11th on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and beyond.

Funny Veterans Day Memes

When some people think of military service members, it could be assumed that they’re always serious about their job. Yes, they have incredibly important duties, but if you know a soldier, you’ll know that they love to have a good time, too.

For some true “knee-slappers,” here are a few funny memes that will be hilarious to post for Veterans Day.

“Who wants to volunteer to be on duty during the Navy Ball?”

Even if you don’t serve in the military, this one is pretty relatable and hardly needs explanation. No one wants to work during the fun events happening during the year. Military Balls are a good example of when everyone would be averting their eyes, hoping not to be selected as a volunteer.

“Oh, not the same thing?”

Especially if you live in a military town, you’ll likely hear the phrase, “Thank you for your service,” all the time. It’s a simple way to show your respect for veterans. However, this meme is poking fun at the phrase in a clever way.

“But did he earn those free pancakes?”

Stolen Valor is a term that describes someone pretending to be a veteran. People who do this have issues and it’s highly illegal. According to veterans, it’s one of the most disrespectful things you can do (for obvious reasons).

“I’ve got a golden tiiiiicket!”

For anyone who doesn’t get it, when a military service member is discharged, they receive a Form DD-214. It’s the form that proves his or her honorable status and is essentially their “golden ticket” to civilian life. And killer discounts at Denny’s of course!

“Colleges students looking like little kids.”

The GI Bill states all the eligibility requirements for military service member education benefits. One of the main reasons people enlist in the military is to get funding for secondary education. However, most often you’ll be required to serve for at least four years to receive GI Bill funding for college. Therefore, you’re looking at being at least 22 when you return to school after serving. This is a hilarious potential representation of that experience.

Happy Veterans Day Memes

Although most memes use a bit of humor (after all, memes are mostly meant for comedic effect), we’ve gathered a few happy, more heartfelt Veterans Day memes that you might want to use on social media this November.

“When you ask grandpa to tell his stories from the war.”

Most veterans have incredible memories from their time as an active-duty soldier. Whether they were deployed in faraway places or met their wife or best friends during that time, the immense pride and nostalgia many veterans have for their service is often palpable. It’s a reaction that’s nice to see, especially on Veterans Day.

“Freedom means hating Mondays.”

This meme may seem trite and ungrateful, but on the other hand, most veterans would probably find the humor in it. Soldiers serve for both big and small reasons. In this day and age, men are no longer drafted into the military. They can choose to be involved if it’s right for them. So, on Veterans Day, it’s fun to remember that everyday civilians are truly grateful for their sacrifices while being aware that their problems are relatively insignificant.

“No – Thank YOU.”

It’s well-known that Veterans are often offered free stuff and huge discounts as a way for businesses to thank them for their service. It’s no secret that the transition back to civilian life can be difficult for a veteran and these discounts do help.

“Just a quick way to shut down a Facebook war on Veterans Day.”

If you have a Facebook profile, you’d know that the social media platform is full of political opinions. Some political posts on Facebook are thoughtful and well-founded while others are completely ignorant and full of heated debates in the comments section. So, here’s Kermit the frog “spilling some tea” with thoughts on how we can support veterans even if we’re not in favor of a war.

Veterans Day Memes for Facebook

Memes started in the depths of the internet on sites like Tumblr and have surfaced to more mainstream platforms like Facebook and Instagram. To keep things light-hearted and not too political, we hope you enjoyed these funny memes to post this Veterans Day.

Which one is your favorite?

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