22 Until None

PO BOX 680186
Houston, Texas 77268
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All of the staff at 22 Until None are volunteers and dedicate full-time hours to the cause. We are very passionate when it comes to our veterans. We will not stop till 22 is down to 0. With this epidemic running through our ranks of veterans, we need to take a stand as a team.

We are currently attending events and in the near future we would like to start hosting events to help our veterans in every way possible. We are currently offering emergency financial assistance, VA benefits help, help transitioning, advocacy, wellness services, camaraderie, and a 24/7 crisis hotline.

We need your help to make this happen. We need any kind of donations, money, household goods, canned foods, hygiene products, bedding, gift cards, and volunteers. We ask you to take a stand and help us bring this number to zero! We can only do this as a team, so join us and it will happen.

CHAPTER PROGRAM: In 2016 we launched our local chapter program. Our goal is to get local veterans involved with each other by doing activities in person. This in person contact reinforces veterans’ commitment to each other for support and camaraderie. This in turn cuts down on feelings of isolation which are a contributor to depression and veteran suicide.

If you are a veteran, reservist or active duty (these are private groups so unfortunately no civilians, thank you) and would like to join a chapter, please contact the chapter leader closest to you. We do require proof of service to join a chapter. Chapters are for veterans, active duty and reservists only.