22 Warriors Foundation

112 Water St. #106
Henderson, Nevada 89105
1 (702) 906-2073

22 Warriors Foundation is a Veteran Founded, Operated, and Governed Veteran’s Nonprofit that is dedicated to eliminating Veteran Suicides. This is a Nonprofit organization founded to help Veterans not to build a fortune. Close your eyes and imagine TWENTY-TWO Veterans losing their battle to stay alive every single day. However a more accurate number is 35 or higher if you include older Veterans, less than honorably discharged Veterans and those lost to drug and alcohol related deaths. The truth is, whether it is today’s Veterans, or those from any conflict and combat action; one suicide or forgotten Vet is unacceptable! The haunting devastation that lies behind each suicide must be addressed.

22 WARRIORS FOUNDATION is committed to addressing the issues that lie behind suicides, high risk behaviors, untreated mental illness and lack of resources. To raise awareness of this devastating epidemic and make
22 go to ZERO!