Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund

PO BOX 1099
Temple Hills, Maryland 20757
1 (301) 685-3421

The Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund was founded, October 23, 2003 to help support surviving U.S. Military children who have lost a parent in the Afghanistan or Iraq wars by providing them with College Grants. Our College Grant Program has been expanded to include both U.S. Military children and spouses who have either lost a loved one as a result of the Afghanistan or Iraq wars or have a severely disabled parent or spouse who was injured during a deployment to either war. Our second objective is to help the surviving members of these families with financial assistance. Our goal is to award applicants of U.S. Military families that have children under the age of 18, and who are in need of assistance with housing, repairs, utilities, medical expenses, groceries, clothing, school supplies and other expenses deemed necessary in order to provide them with some support and help alleviate their need.