House of Matthew Transitional Services

First Tower, Bldg 621
Tacoma, Washington 98402
1 (253) 301-0508

The House of Matthew Transitional Services is your community nonprofit organization, that works for you.Making our community stronger. We exist to end homelessness, to connect and unite the needs- with the resources in our community.In every effort to assist in homeless prevention, The House of Matthew provides training, housing,independence and support(including advocacy and advisory) to individuals that are low-income, at-risk of homelessness, or already homeless. The House of Matthew also assists single men facing hardships and challenges. Men committed to change towards building a greater foundation for a more positive, healthy quality of life; By willingly completing a structured comprehensive homeless prevention and life skills program. For Many we are a transitional service organization that provides assistance to those in need of help in a transitional period of their lives.