Keystone Military Families

331 Main Street, PO Box 358
Shoemakersville, Pennslyvania 19555
1 (610) 698-2122

In early 2002 Keystone Soldiers was founded as a way to maintain communications with our local troops that were some of the first deployed after 9-11. Director, Kyle Lord provided online photo albums a chat room and most of all care packages of much missed and needed items from home for deployed troops including her own son. Soon after the move into Iraq they started getting requests for things from units from all over the country. Not being one to say no to someone in need they expanded their mission to cover any troops that asked for help. They specialize in support for Pennsylvania troops but also provided essentials to military from all over the U.S., England, Poland and Australia. In 2015 they shipped 7,260 Christmas stockings to deployed troops to let them know they are not forgotten. During the early years they also provided a place that family members of those deployed could come and be with others who understood the challenges of separation. When they received donations not appropriate to go in the packages they would send them to the local armories so any of the families struggling financially could get at least some help with food. The last government sequester put between 2,000 and 2,400 of the technicians from Willow Grove and Ft Indiantown Gap in a position of no paycheck coming in but bills are still adding up. At that point KMF expanded their food services to the military families in need so they could make sure their children were fed during this uncertain time. Many families also struggle after deployments or while waiting for medical determinations. KMF is there to help no matter what the issues are. Realizing the name Keystone Soldiers did not express even half of what they did they have renamed and redefined their mission. They became Keystone Military Families as of July 28th 2014. They are currently serving from 40 to 60 families weekly with food, clothing, household goods & furniture all while still shipping care packages and Christmas stockings to troops around the world. They function as a resource center and assist our Veteran families in finding whatever type of help is needed, from rent assistance to job searches and counseling services. There is an in-house counselor provided by the Lancaster Veterans Center to assist individuals or families with mental health and reintegration issues. KMF works closely with the VA Hospitals, Veterans centers in 5 counties and other organizations that provide assistance. They are a close knit community that is proud to serve our military members, our veterans and their families.