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The Department of Veterans Affairs aids residents of the state of Louisiana who served in the military forces of the United States during any war, combat, or special periods of service during peacetime, along with their dependents and beneficiaries, in receiving any and all benefits to which they may be entitled under the law of the United States or the states thereof. In addition, this department also provides nursing care for veterans at five homes across the state Our staff are experts on the VA claims process. LDVA works with veterans to: 1. Identify what evidence is needed to have the best possible chance of having a claim approved. 2. Explain and clarify VA procedures that apply to the claim. 3. Monitor the claim as it progresses through the development process and intercede if problems with a claim should arise. 4. If a claim is denied by the VA and the veteran disagrees with the VA's decision, LDVA's PSOs and Claims Office will help through the appeal process. For example, LDVA can assist in preparing a proper notice of disagreement, representing the veteran at a personal hearing, etc.