Operation Revamp, Inc

307 S 12th ST
Grand Junction, Colorado 81501
1 (970) 462-3126

We are an ‘all volunteer’ organization. The purposes of the organization are to: Create opportunities for a variety of healing activities for Veterans, military family members and others suffering from trauma related mental injuries. Raise awareness of psychological scarring and traumatic brain injuries and benefits of artistic practices in healing. Provide art and related opportunity to aid in healing of mental health issues through personal exploration and skill building. Provide resources for those suffering from the hidden wounds of trauma and partner with other agencies and non-profits. Establish functional creative art studios, galleries and museums for use of veterans, military families and others suffering from trauma related mental health issues. Founder and President- Wendy has first hand experience with PTSD, TBI, suicide attempts and more beginning with a major trauma in her life before age 3. Following many more years of physical and emotional trauma she began recovery in 1986 when the suicide attempts, night terrors and alcohol abuse were spiraling out of control. Along with many other therapies, groups and counseling programs Wendy began making art. Through the process of exploring and creating art a massive amount of healing began to take place and major changes resulted. While Wendy served as National President of Blue Star Mothers of America from 2009 – 2011 she attended several meetings, workshops and events nationwide addressing the hidden wounds of war. Her passion for helping the military and veterans, along with her own recovery led her to realize that most of the therapeutic programs involved sports with little in the way of arts and she held strong to her knowledge that Art is a powerful recovery resource. With passion and vision Wendy founded Operation Revamp in 2010 for the purpose of Helping Veterans Heal.