Operation Stand Down Tennessee

1125 12th Ave S
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
1 (615) 248-1981

To date, OSDTN has served countless veterans. In the past, our legacy has been to help chronically homeless Veterans. We still continue to do that today while also helping Veterans find meaningful employment, empowered them to be successful, and give them a hand up not a hand out. We are currently making adaptive changes to our services to also reach the Post 9/11 Veteran so that we can battle the projected homelessness increase expected in 2025 to 2030. It is OSDTN’s belief that if we can engage Veterans early in their transition, find out what that Veteran wishes to accomplish, show them available Veteran benefits and how to access them, and help them find meaningful employment, we can prevent hardships that Veterans face every day. In 1993, Operation Stand Down Nashville (OSDN) began as a coalition of volunteers and organizations who came together to provide outreach, social services and information to Nashville’s chronically homeless Veteran population. Every year OSDN would host a three-day stand down to provide services to Middle Tennessee’s Veterans. OSDN hosted these events annually for 11 years.