Pierce County Heroes to Hometown

714 S 27TH Street
Tacoma, Washington 98409


Heroes to Hometowns was created by the Department of Defense in 2005 to enable and assist communities in developing programs to support military veterans and their families when the veterans were returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Pierce County had already established a Veterans Employment Task Force in the fall of 2005. This Task Force became the Pierce County Heroes to Hometowns organization in January of 2006. Terry Hayes, the President of Tacoma Goodwill was the person who started the Task Force and she organized the group by selecting a representative of the Tacoma Rotary 8 Club who then met with representatives of several groups, both active duty representatives and members of Veteran Support organizations. The Department of Defense entered into a partnership with the National Office of The American Legion in 2007 and that provided a viable structure to the organization on a Countrywide basis.