Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

1200 W Walnut St # 2301
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
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Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) is a national non-profit organization that exists to engage, assist and empower the men & women who make up our nation’s military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and EMS professions – society’s protectors, our “Sheep Dogs.” We provide continued service opportunities and outdoor adventures which offer physical challenges and the camaraderie that is often missing after a shift or tour of duty ends. SDIA offers our members and fellow Sheep Dogs continued service opportunities to satisfy their innate desire to serve and help those around them through three programs: Disaster Response Missions, Outdoor Adventures, and Holiday Assistance. Giving back to others leaves Sheep Dogs with a deeply gratified feeling, and working alongside peers who have been through similar experiences promotes camaraderie and a renewed sense of purpose. Helping is Healing. Our Mission is to provide a civilian framework through which trained emergency and military personnel extend their service to society; to assist our neighbors in times of disaster and our own in times of hardship; to respond independently, efficiently and strategically, achieving the greatest impact possible.