Support Our Soldiers

616 Shelby Road #C
Fort Worth, Texas 76140
1 (815) 551-2908

Support Our Soldiers (SOS) is a military support non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization based in Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in July, 2011 we now have 8 programs to serve our military community – Baking for heroes, New baby support, Outreach events, Caring for female military members, letters from home, and our primary mission care box brigade sending to those in need overseas. Click HERE to learn how you can help or become involved with all we do. Support-our-soldiers-on-facebook support-our-soldiers-twitter support-our-soldiers-on-youtube Sign-Up for Email Alerts from SOS. We support our military in many ways and we “care beyond the box”! Our military care boxes are custom made so we fill the request of each member using our donations most efficiently and our shipping funds wisely. We do not drop ship to generic addresses and adopt units/individuals for the duration of the deployment not one time support. Our heroes communicate regularly with us developing a relationship and offering them a support system and a ear to listen to every need. To truly support our military it is more than just a cookie or pillow, it is to dedicate to be there for them in good and bad times and to earn their trust and respect and we take that very seriously. Our organization depends on your support for food drives and funds for shipping costs ($17.75 box) so it is critical for our longevity we spread the word about what we do. We have wonderful events and fundraisers throughout the year and work with our local schools to educate children on respecting our military and understanding the cost of their freedom. We would love to come and present to your organization, school, or company please click HERE to request a speaker. Thank you for your support and your interest in how we serve our military members!