US Veteran Business Alliance

3140 Peacekeeper Way Ste. 100
McClellan, California 95652
1 (888) 517-3822

The Alliance is a vibrant organization that empowers, provides resources to, and works side-by-side with veterans to promote and support them in establishing, maintaining and growing viable business enterprises. The Alliance has helped thousands achieve financial rehabilitation through entrepreneurship. We recognize that veterans’ experience in the military prepares them to be smart, capable entrepreneurs. We help disabled veterans achieve the satisfaction, pride and independence that comes from running their own business. Veterans come home with a strong sense of the value of discipline, hard work and leadership. They’ve worked in the most challenging circumstances imaginable and know they can accomplish anything with the right team. We are here to be part of a veteran’s team as they build a new life through building a business. The USVBA supports veterans through mentorship, avocation, education, and promoting and navigating the joys and pitfalls of business ownership. The USVBA does this through state-of-the-art technologies, experienced personnel, strategic events aimed at improving business skills and connecting the veteran business owner to new business opportunities, local chapters nationwide, fundraising, data capture, and strong membership support. We help U.S. veterans certify their business for DVBE contracts and, through our efforts, have helped raise the number of DVBE contracts as high as 4%.