Usaf Seven Summits Challenge
26931E Briarwood Cir
Aurora, Colorado 80011

We climb to promote camaraderie and esprit d ’corps among US Airmen and to highlight the Air Force’s focus on personal fitness and growth. On the summit of each peak, we do pushups in honor of our friends and colleagues who have died in the line of service since 9/11. To summit each peak, to stand atop each of our planet’s landmasses, is a noble and awesome challenge fit for an organization that operates in every spectrum of our world: from flying to the highest heights to diving into the deepest blues, this challenge underscores the Air Force’s Global Reach. We are excited to take on this challenge to honor the members of the USAF, to highlight the importance of personal fitness, and to open to the public a new window into the lives of its military members. Along the way, we're proud to promote worthy military charities that bring better lives to the spouses of deceased military members and their children!v