Valeo Behavioural Health Care

400 SW Oakley Ave
Topeka, Kansas 66606
1 (785) 233-1730

In 2001, we changed our name from Shawnee Community Mental Health Center to Valeo Behavioral Health Care. Valeo is Latin meaning “to be well.” We provide a full continuum of mental health, substance abuse, and problem gambling addictions treatment services for adults. Children & adolescents are served by our affiliate, Family Service & Guidance Center.
Also in 2001, Valeo acquired the Community Residence Program from Menninger Clinic, a long-term residential care program for individuals experiencing mental illness, specializing in dual diagnosis.
Our organization was originally established as a result of the Community Mental Health Center Act in the 1960’s to apply for federal mental health grants. We have grown to three corporations, Valeo Behavioral Health Care, Valeo Community Residence Program, and The Valeo Foundation. Today, we offer 24-hour crisis services and have expanded services to include 29 programs throughout eight locations and provide community outreach to Topeka Rescue Mission, area hospitals, Shawnee County Jail, Law Enforcement, and individuals in their homes. We employ approximately 360 staff including doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, technicians, case managers, and peer support specialists. We serve an average 7,000 residents in Shawnee County each year, and partner with 80+ agencies and companies to coordinate services.