Veterans Community Support Network
P.O. Box 160881
Sacramento, California 95816
(215) 527-6203

The Sacramento Veterans Community Support Network was created in 2007 by a consortium of more than 50 service providers, government agencies, and volunteers who recognized the need to effectively organize our community's response to the needs of Veterans and theri families. The private and public agencies with in the consortium recognized that while each program that served Veterans provided a valuable service on an individual basis, the collective potential was being circumscribed by the absence of an entity that could convene and facilitate the exchange of information on what service gaps exist for Veterans. The VCSN became a charitable nonprofit organization in 2008 as a result of an increasing need to provide a more direct role by supporting other veteran foucsed agencies and individuals who support Veterans and their families. The Sacramento, Veterans Community Support Network (SACVCSN) was formed to create an integrated network of service providers for Veterans and their families within the greater Sacramento Area. The purpose of the network is to create a mechanism for organizations to communicate, advocate, and educate within the community, the needs of Veterans and the services available to them. The network is the result a community-based Initiative which is supported by the member organizations through voluntary participation. The network has a foucs of heath care, education, housing, and employment needs of veterans and their families. The VCSN is learning the best way to make local referrals and how to direct Veterans to the organizations that provide needed services. As the network expands it has become clear that the VCSN could improve the coordination of services throughout the community by developing an ongoing meeting to facilitate discussions with service providers and the local community.