Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania, Inc.

2934 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania 15201
1 (412) 481-8200

In 1982, mills were closing. Manufacturing jobs were disappearing. Many Veterans were out of work and out of hope. It was at this time that Vietnam Veterans took it upon themselves to step up as leaders and provide job assistance and supportive services to their peers who were displaced in the changing economy. They called it Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program (VVLP). During the Reagan Administration, Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program had an office in all 50 states. To this day, only two remain, including our organization and an organization in Texas. In 1993, VLP expanded its job search and career counseling program into the PA Laurel Highlands area by opening an office in Johnstown, PA, which is currently located in the Hiram G. Andrews Center. In 2005, the Pittsburgh office moved to the South Side and changed the organization’s name to Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania to show that all Veterans are welcome. For the past 34 years, Veterans Leadership Program (VLP) has fulfilled its mission of providing Veterans and their families with housing, employment and supportive services, regardless of era of war, Veterans Affairs (VA) eligibility or discharge status. Our case managers work one-on-one with Veterans to assess their situation and to create goals that lead to self-sufficiency and financial sustainability. In August 2016, VLP moved its offices to the Strip District to accommodate its growth in the last decade.