Veterans on Deck

131 Riverland Drive
Charleston, South Carolina 29412
1 (843) 693-5634

Veterans on Deck is a nonprofit sailing program serving the military community in and around Charleston, SC. Our Program is free and open to any active duty or veteran service members, offering several opportunities on a weekly basis to go sailing with fellow members of Armed Forces. We recognize that the unique and difficult demands of service to our country can make it tough to rejoin civilian life, and that trauma exposure can make that process even more difficult. Sailing with Veterans on Deck, for those dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), military sexual trauma (MST), or any other service-related invisible wound, is a chance to focus on social stress and avoidance while creating coping skills to successfully work through these challenges.For service members who have not yet seen combat or been deployed, sailing can also provide a few tools to help prevent the long-term effects of potential trauma exposure. Veterans on Deck does not provide traditional therapy or openly identify the diagnoses of our participants; being outdoors, among peers, and engaging in the process of making the boat move are where the therapeutic benefits are found.