Veterans Transition Support

1580 Shadowridge Drive # 291
Vista, California 92081
1 (760) 216-6052

Veterans Transition Support (VTS) is an All Volunteer Orange County and San Diego California based 501(c)(3) Nonprofit created specifically to help transitioning service members and veterans bridge the gap from military life into civilian life. Many of our veterans are not reintegrating back into civilian life successfully and far too many Veterans struggle with unemployment, homelessness, depression, marital problems and substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a host of other debilitating physical, emotional and financial challenges. Tragically, 22 Veterans per day who did not get the help they needed in a timely manner commit suicide. Without an effective bridge to successfully fill gaps left by military experience these issues will continue as many Veterans discharged decades ago still struggle. VTS is the bridge that fills the gaps and we accomplish this through a Military Reintegration Program that brings Veterans together to mentor and train other Veterans in Veteran instructed certification courses, Veterans Career Management Workshops and Veterans Business Networking Mixers that match Veterans and Military Personnel with Veterans inside of companies and hiring managers who want to hire them. Veterans Transition SupportÂ’s (VTS) mission is to bridge the gap between the civilian workforce and our transitioning military service members and veterans before they experience transition road-blocks. VTS ensures our military service members reintegrate back into civilian life and the civilian workforce into careers suitable for their level of military experience and economic sustainability. This is achieved by providing service members with effective tools to translate their military experience into recognizable civilian job skills, civilian certifications to transfer military experience into its civilian counterpart, identifying needed training to fill skill gaps and one on one mentoring in four critical areas required to sustain a successful transition: Career Development, Cultural Adaptation, Obtaining VA Benefits and Education Planning. The VTS goal is to seamlessly transition all military personnel who enter the Veterans Transition Support program prior to leaving military service through individual mentoring, career management, counseling, and weekend and evening programs that close skill gaps and provide networking opportunities with civilian hiring managers. VTS has proven with our successful testimonies, that reaching out to Service-members BEFORE they leave the service gives them a higher chance of success and a small chance of failure. Veterans Transition support fills the gaps often causing transition failures. We have proven that helping a Veteran BEFORE they fail by understanding the key areas that effect Veterans as they transition and focusing in Career Development, obtaining Veterans Benefits, Education Planning, and Cultural Adaptation in a one on one setting. We have proven that a Non profit can be fiscally responsible and meet the needs of a community and help those that depend on our help.