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The goal of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife is to help end the African poaching crisis and conserve endangered species. We do this by utilizing the unrivaled skills and experience of post-9/11 U.S. veterans to train park rangers and support their communities. In May of 2016 VETPAW focused on two goals: Assist in fighting the huge spike in rhino killings in South Africa and secure a long term home on the continent. To achieve this we launched Operation Rhino Shield in South Africa where we deployed a team of Army, Marine and Navy veterans on private reserves that are under direct threat from rhino poaching. VETPAW, with the help of donors, conducted our advanced counter-poaching courses to local park rangers and reserve owners there. In addition we conducted active counter-poaching patrols, investigations and security in the region with dramatic effect. We do this by assessing parks to locate “holes” in their security operations and fix them. We improve local rangers abilities by training them in the latest counter-poaching techniques, transforming them into “force-multipliers.” We also collaborate with local law enforcement and wildlife management officials and better prepare rhino owners to protect their families and animals from the threat of criminal poaching. We are achieving this by using advanced solutions in air and on land such as helicopter patrols and response and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) support drones and advanced surveillance techniques. We also utilize human terrain mapping, area of operation management and of course constant and innovative force presence on the territory we patrol daily.