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What is a Click in Military Terms?

Military jargon can often be confusing to civilians or new service members. You may be wondering, what is a click in military terms?

Service members and veterans will often describe distance in terms of “clicks”. This is also sometimes spelled “klick”, “klik”, or “clic”. The term is military slang for a “kilometer”, which is equal to 0.621371 miles.

While the military uses the MGRS, or the “Military Grid Reference System”, to map points on Earth in meters, walking distance is measured in “clicks”. Ground forces will often communicate with each other using the term “click”. For example, a soldier could say that they are “five clicks North of your position” and use that as reference for location and distance.

The term “click” can also be used when sighting-in a weapon. One “click” is equal to one minute of arc, or one inch of distance at 100 yards away. This means that adjusting the sights of a weapon by one “click” will change the bullet’s impact by one inch for a target that is 100 yards out, two inches for a target 200 yards out, and so on.

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