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Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Military Branch Suits You

Joining the military presents some very unique options as far as which branch to choose.

If you’re considering joining the armed forces, you may be trying to decide which branch of the military you should join. One way to go about this decision is by doing your research on each of the five branches. Another way could be connecting with recruiters from those different branches. 

Even if you’ve been in the military, maybe you’d like to see if your personality or goals still align with the branch of your choice. 

If you aren’t sure which branch suits you best — or you’d like to see if you picked the right one — take this ‘Which branch of the military should I join quiz’ to find out. 


Which Branch of the Military Should I Join Quiz

To take this ‘Which branch of the military should I join quiz,’ get a piece of paper and pen or open the notes app on your phone. You’re going to want to keep track of each letter that corresponds with your answers. At the end, the letter that you answered most will indicate which military branch suits you best. 

1. What is your main reason for joining the military? 

A. To travel
B. The benefits (college, housing, etc.) 
C. To save lives on the homefront
D. To defend my country from overseas
E. To test my limits

2. Which military job do you find the most appealing? 

A. Boat crewman
B. Pilot
C. Diver
D. Special Operations
E. Infantry 

3. Pick a movie: 

A. Top Gun
B. Dr. Strangelove
C. The Guardian
D. Saving Private Ryan
E. Full Metal Jacket 

4. Pick a famous person: 

A. Johnny Carson 
B. Morgan Freeman
C. Jeff Bridges
D. Clint Eastwood
E. Steve McQueen

5. What’s most important to you? 

A. Having the opportunity to see the world
B. Receiving top quality training and benefits
C. Helping Americans directly instead of going overseas
D. Being a part of a large group of likeminded people
E. Being the first to fight

6. How would you describe yourself if you had to use only one of the following words?

A. Ambitious 
B. Intelligent
C. Humble
D. Hardworking
E. Competitive 

7. Going into the military, you’d like to: 

A. Develop transferable job skills
B. Be challenged mentally
C. Try something new
D. Form a military career
E. Be challenged physically

8. What was your favorite subject in school? 

A. English
B. Math 
C. Science
D. History
E. Physical Education (PE) 

9. What was your favorite sport in school? 

A. Track 
B. Baseball
C. Swimming
D. Football 
E. Wrestling

10. Which country would you most like to visit? 

A. Italy
B. England
C. I wouldn’t; I’d like to stay in the U.S.
D. Germany
E. Japan  

11. What is your favorite color?

A. White
B. Blue
C. Grey
D. Green
E. Red

12. What is your favorite video game?

A. Pokemon
B. Legend of Zelda
C. Super Mario 
D. Call of Duty 
E. Grand Theft Auto 

13. How would your best friend describe you? 

A. Practical 
B. Analytical
C. Outside the box
D. Dependable 
E. Fierce

14. Which civilian job is most appealing to you?

A. Air traffic controller
B. Pilot
C. Commercial diver
D. Police officer
E. Private contractor

15. Where would you most like to live? 

A. Hawaii
B. Washington 
C. Alaska
D. Texas
E. North Carolina

16. What do you eat for breakfast? 

A. Cereal 
B. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon 
C. A granola bar
D. Leftover pizza
E. Crayons


Which Branch of the Military Should I Join Quiz: Results

Now that you’re done with the quiz, remember to take your results with a grain of salt. These answers are all generalizations, and every branch of the military offers unique and exciting opportunities for its service members. 

To find out your military branch, count up how many answers you had of each letter. Then, figure out which letter you answered the most. This letter will correspond with your result:

A = Navy 
B = Air Force 
C = Coast Guard 
D = Army 
E = Marine Corps

Did you get the answer you thought you would? 


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